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Nicolette van der Jagt is to succeed will Marco Sorgetti as the Director General of Clecat following Mr Sorgetti’s selection as the new Director General of Fiata in Zurich, Both these new positions will be taken up on Jan 1st 2012. The President and  the  Secretary  General  are  pleased  to  have  secured  the  appointment  of Nicolette van der Jagt and that Nicolette will ensure a smooth transition and will continue and expand the achievements secured under Mr Sorgetti’s leadership.
“Nicolette is a very high profile personality with proven experience in communication and a very distinctive Brussels presence. Marco and Nicolette have a long record of co- operation will enable a natural and a smooth transition. The future of our organization’s performance is secured and continuity will be maintained.” Said Clive Broadley, Clecat President, when he heard that Nicolette had accepted the offer made by Clecat.
“Nicolette van der Jagt, whom I personally know very well, is a professional with a proven track  record  on  the  Brussels  arena.  Her  understanding of  shippers’  concerns  and requirements will be ideal for CLECAT, which has always held an attentive and responsible attitude with regards to shippers’ issues.” These were Heiner Rogge’s words, in commenting the new deal made by Clecat, from his position as Secretary General.
Marco Sorgetti, outgoing Director, said he “wishes Nicolette the best of luck in this new endeavour and a successful new career in Clecat: Nicolette is a close friend and I thought it was the best for me, for her and for Clecat if she could get my position after my call to Fiata.”
“Marco has  been a  highly successful DG  in  these almost nine  years and  Clecat’s reputation in Brussels is well recognised. Nicolette to take his position was just the perfect choice” concluded the President, Clive Broadley.
Nicolette van der Jagt has different degrees in international relations and European studies, as well as specialised studies in public relations and communications. She has been the Secretary General of the European Shippers’ Council for several years and is an internationally recognised personality that can handle a press and academia contact list second to none.

From right: Heiner Rogge, Nicolette van der Jagt, Marco Sorgetti.

Contacts: Marco L. Sorgetti
Rue du Commerce 77
TEL. +32 2 5034705


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